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I am sure that you know the importance of condoms by now. After all, you are browsing this website. You will also know that one of the main reasons as to why people do not use condoms is because they absolutely loathe the feel. I am sure that you have thought the same thing at some point or another. Thankfully, there are a number of condom manufacturers out there who have tried to remedy this. They have attempted to create brilliant condoms which offer the ultimate level of protection whilst at the same time delivering fantastic sex. Let me introduce you to Wingman Condoms, one of the most interesting condom companies out there at the moment.

So, what about that name? Well, the Wingman is perhaps one of the most unique condoms around at the moment. This is because you do not actually have to touch the condom to put it on. It comes with some rather nifty little wings which pretty much eradicate that fiddly bit which almost everybody, no matter how often they use condoms, struggles with. This condom has been designed to be put on quickly no matter the situation. In fact, you can slide it on, in the dark, with just one hand. How nifty is that?

Of course, the real highlight of the Wingman Condoms brand is not this wing (no matter how useful it is). Instead it is all about the thinness of the latex. To be honest with you, this is perhaps one of the thinner condoms I have ever encountered. You slide this on and you will not even know it is there. You really will be able to feel everything about the sex. Most men surveyed said that they absolutely loved the condom for this reason. As a result, if you are searching for something which gives you protected but delivers the full pleasure of sex then you really can’t look much further than this brand.

Now, of course, absolutely no condom brand is perfect. Wingman Condoms are no exception to this rule. Firstly, there is absolutely no variety in their range. There is just one condom. You need to deal with that. I will let this slide for now though. After all, the company is fairly new. There is no excuse for not having multiple sized condoms though. They come in just one size. If they do not fit then you are screwed. Those who are allergic to latex will also need to steer of this brand too. They sadly do not do a non-latex version of the condom which is a great shame. Sources do state that something like this may come in the future though. For now however, you will have to look elsewhere.

If you are looking for the ultimate level of comfort and pleasure when it comes to sex then the Wingman Condoms may be right up your street. I suggest you try them once. You may even end up loving them A LOT! Want to give them a try? You can Buy Them Here!

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