What are the Best Condoms to Last Longer?

Some men rely on condoms to last longer during sex for that means extra pleasure for their partners. But the real question is, what condoms can one use to stay in power longer during those times of intimacy? Generally speaking, all thicker condoms can do it for you. Thick condoms offer lower sensation levels than the thinner ones. And that means more time for some pleasure workout for you and your girl. However, there are condoms that are specifically designed for such a job. And those are:

1. Durex Performax Condom

The Durex Performax condom is a special condom that comes with a special lubrication agent that can control male climax, therefore prolonging the excitement. The lube they use is called Benzocaine. And it is exactly what you need for those long lasting sex time with your partner. Check Durex Performax Here.

2. Dumex Performa

The Dumex Performa is very much the same as the Performax brand. This condom effectively extends a man’s staying power for minutes. If your usual performance without special condoms is just one minute, with this brand you can make it up to 5 minutes. And if you can go for as long as 5 minutes, Dumex Performa condoms can triple that to 15 minutes. That’s how good this condom really is when it comes to allowing to you last longer.

3. Trojan Extended Pleasure

The Extended Pleasure is Trojan’s response to the Dumex Performa and Performax brands. It basically does the same thing, which is to control a man’s climax so he can last in the act longer. The lubricant can also effectively prevent premature ejaculation. Its main purpose is to prolong the couple’s love making process.
These are the condom brands that you have to look for if staying power is what you really want. Last longer in bed and make your partner love you even more for it.

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