What are Small Condoms or Snug Fitting Condoms

What many men (and females) fail to realize is that choosing the right sized condom is important for the prevention of sexual disease and pregnancy. In addition to that, choosing the right sized condom is going to provide for much more fulfilling sexual intercourse.

There are plenty of men out there who are using condoms which are far too large for their penis. I you feel as though you aren’t getting a ‘snug’ fit with your condom, or if you are constantly worried that it may fall off inside of the woman then you may benefit from looking into small condoms.

So how can you tell whether you are likely to benefit from small condoms or not? Well, the best way to check is to measure the circumference of your penis, all you need is to get it erect and then measure with a flexible tape measure of some description. If it is lower than 4.5 inches then you may want to try out a couple of brands of small condoms to see if they feel much better for you.

What you need to remember is that there is no standard naming conventions for condoms. Some manufacturers refer to this type of condom as ‘snug fit’ whilst others simply refer to them as ‘small’. However the bigger problem that you are going to face is the fact that many of the condoms on the market which are labelled as small are actually medium sized. The best way to check whether you have the right fit for you is to take a little peek at the dimensions listed on the packet. Once you have found a brand of small condoms that you like then stick with it. Honestly, it is going to feel much more comfortable for you than using ‘standard size’ condoms.

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