Tips on How to Choose the Best Lube

Lubricants can be a great way to increase sexual pleasure. They can also be a helpful option for people who have mental or physical health problems having to do with sex. Some women, for example, can have issues creating enough vaginal lubrication due to vaginal dryness or even due to a mental issue like lack of libido. A good lube can help get things nice and slippery and can help move intercourse along. Lube is also great to use to enhance the pleasure of using sex toys.

Since some lubricants can increase the chances for or even cause vaginal yeast infections and can also interfere with the effectiveness of some contraceptives, you’ll want to learn a bit about lubricants before heading to the store to buy some. Here are some tips for choosing the best lubricant for you and your partner.

Since any product you use in such a sensitive area can be a cause of irritation, you might try testing the lubricant on a small area of your genitals before using it. If you experience any sort of uncomfortable sensation like burning or itching, then it would be wise to use a different lubricant.

Note that if you use a lubricant and experience any sort of irritation, whether on or in the vagina or on the penis, be sure to wash the area with water or a very mild soap and discontinue use.
When you head down the drug store aisle, you’ll find many choices available to you. However, they can typically be broken down into a few categories.

swiss navy lubricantWater based lubricants are the most ubiquitous type of lubricants you’ll find. Generally, these are very safe. However, they do contain some chemicals and ingredients that can cause yeast infections for some women, especially if they are more prone to yeast infections. Water based lubricants are very easy to clean up, unlike some other options. These lubricants are also available in many different options, like flavorings, colorings and even edible flavors. One disadvantage is that they dry up more quickly.

pjur lubricantSilicon based lubricants are another option. This kind of lubricant lasts longer and doesn’t dry as quickly as the water based type. Silicone lubricants can also be used as massage oils. However, this type of lubricant is more difficult to clean up and wash off of your clothes or bedding, so this is important to note.

Another type is oil based lubricants. These would include oils like vitamin E oil and even petroleum jelly. These lubricants are not recommended for use during intercourse, but are good for things like hand jobs. These types of lubricants are more difficult to clean up as they can be quite greasy.

goodcleanIf you’re looking for a more natural option, consider aloe vera gel. This natural product is actually quite healing to the skin, therefore irritation is much less likely and unlike other lubricants it contains no chemicals or toxins.

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