Trustex Extra Large Condom

Men who are looking for condoms that are considerably bigger but can still provide adequate protection may check out what Trustex has to offer. The Trustex Extra Large Condom comes complete with a huge reservoir tip. Its length is 7.75 inches, with its head, shaft, and base width stand at 2.25 inches. The condom’s thickness is measured at 0.00221 inches.
The Trustex Extra Large Condom comes with a water-based lubricant. Each individual pouch is priced at around $2. Many users say that the condom is the most sensitive kind when compared to other brands offered in the same size range. Aside from the individual pouches, there are 12-pack, 36-pack, and 100-pack boxes of this condom available. They are priced $7, $18, and $36 respectively.
These condoms have duly passed the FDA approved standards for protection and strength. They are highly recommended for fully endowed men and those who want an extra room in their condom to assure swift yet protected movements. Either way, this condom can easily spice up your life and provide you with both the sensuality and the safety you need every time you really very intimate with your partner. If the large size condom won’t fit, try the Trustex Extra Large Condom and you might just find yourself a perfect match.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Trustex
Size: Large
Width: 2,25″ (57.15mm)
Length: 8″ (203mm)

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