Trustex Banana Flavor Lubricated

Trustex, one of the most trusted and respected names in condoms, now offers a banana flavored version of their popular flavored and lubricated condoms.

The Trusted banana flavored condoms come in a package with, of course, a banana picture on the package. The flavored versions of Trustex’s flavored and lubricated condoms have proven popular and also come in other flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, mint, grape, strawberry and cola.
Trustex flavored condoms are available in handy retail boxes of 3, 12, 24, 48 and a big box of 144.

Banana has proven to be quite a popular flavor. Many teens remember their sexual education teacher using vegetables or fruit, often bananas, to demonstrate to students how to put a condom on. Since the banana has a sort of phallic shape, it’s quite popular to use for this purpose, as well as cucumbers.

The Trustex banana flavored condom has a delicate banana smell and an authentic banana flavor. Flavored condoms are great for vaginal sex, but are most ideal for oral sex, making oral sex more fun and flavorful for the giver. No need to worry about raising your blood sugar with these condoms either, as they are sugar-free.

The Trustex banana flavored condoms are also lubricated with a water based lubricant for ease of use. As with all Trustex products, they are constructed of the highest quality latex in a fun yellow color. You don’t have to give up any feeling or pleasure when using Trustex flavored condoms either, as they are ultra-thin and offer superb sensitivity. They also boast a reservoir tip for extra protection from breakage or bursting.

These FDA approved condoms are manufactured to the strictest quality standards to provide maximum strength, reliability and protection. When you want a flavored condom, choose the Trustex brand for the best flavored condoms available.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Trustex
Size: Regular
Width: 2.09″ (53mm)
Length: 7.09″ (180mm)

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