Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth

Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth Lubricated Condoms have a revolutionary design to offer a pleasurable feel. These condoms are designed with a comfortable shape to give a more natural experience and freedom of movement. Both partners can enjoy more stimulation as the condoms have deeper ribs above the base and at the end. The Ecstasy Ultra smooth condoms are perfect for anyone who wants to take their enjoyment to higher levels.

Features of Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth Condoms:

  • Revolutionary design to give feelings of pleasure.
  • Deep Ribs on the end and base to increase stimulation.
  • Tapered base to provide a secure fit.
  • Premium UltraSmooth Lubrication inside and outside to give a more natural feel.
  • Comfortable shape to allow freer movement and offer a natural experience.
  • Special reservoir tip or end for added safety.
  • Protection for STI and contraception.
  • Made from superior quality latex to help minimize the risk
  • Electronically tested condoms to help ensure safety and reliability.

Trojan Stimulations Ecstasy Ultrasmooth condoms are made to feel like you are not wearing anything. If you buy these condoms today, you will get to enjoy the premium ultra-smooth lubricant that will provide more stimulation, a more natural feel and ecstatic pleasure. They also give a secure fit!


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Flared
Brand: Trojan
Size: Regular
Width: 2.05″ (52mm)
Length: 7.9″ (200mm)

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