Trojan Natural Lamb

Couples who develop a certain allergic reaction to latex condoms will naturally look for the best alternative. And one of their better choices is the lambskin condom. Trojan, a leading condom manufacturer, makes one and they call it the Trojan Naturalamb Condom. This condom is the most natural condom available as it is derived from a lamb’s intestines.

When used, the condom feels very natural and warm. Most males even report that wearing it feels like wearing nothing at all. A lambskin condom clings and fits fairly well, thus making it one of the better alternatives to latex.

However, the Trojan Naturalamb condom – or any lambskin condom for that matter – is not intended for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. It is recommended only to monogamous couples with heightened sensitivity requirements but also wants full pregnancy protection. Do note that all lambskin condoms have tiny holes in them – holes wherein viruses can freely move about. Fortunately, the sperms are not small enough to enter these holes. As such, the Trojan Naturalamb condom can only be used for protection against pregnancy and not from the transmission of STD’s.

Trojan Naturalamb condom contains no latex and comes with a water-based lubricant for ultimate sensitivity and comfort. It is the most natural condom that couples can use. The Trojan Naturalamb condom is the same as the lamb skin, sheep skin, and natural skin condoms available in the market today.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: No
Shape: Straight
Brand: Trojan
Size: Large
Width: 2.7″ (68 mm)
Length: 7.9″ (200 mm)

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