Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin Condom

Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin Condom is made with 100% natural latex. This super sheer condom is just as strong as the others and they offer extra pleasure and sensitivity during sexual intercourse without sacrificing protection. One could call these the barely there condoms as they will keep not only the sensitivity, but the sensation. Each one of the condoms has undergone numerous testing to ensure that they provide pleasure. They are also tested electronically for reliability and safety with FDA approval.

  • Special features
  • 100% natural latex and Vegan friendly, absolutely no spermicides, parabens or glycerin in lubricant.
  • Minimal latex scent.
  • Premium lubricant for optimum gliding.
  • Exceeds the FDA testing standards for reliability and safety.

Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin Condom is offering the ultimate sensitivity. These condoms will make your sexual encounters feel very intimate because they get as close you would want to the skin. These condoms will also appeal to the discerning individuals who are responsible and want to align their acquisitions with helping to change the world today because a donation is made to a developing country that is in need when one is sold. Give it a try today!


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Sir RIchard’s
Size: Regular
Width: 2.09″ (53mm)
Length: 7.09″ (180mm)

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