Sir Richard’s Extra Large Condom

For men who are looking for really large condom sizes may settle for the Sir Richard’s Extra Large Condoms. You may just end your search for the ultimate fit with a box of 12 priced at around $11. Individual pouches and a 3-piece box are available as well.

The Sir Richard’s Extra Large Condom, like its other variants, is made of 100% natural latex with minimal rubber odor. The lubricant it comes with contains no spermicides, glycerin, or parabens. So aside from giving you the most optimum gliding ability, you will also be assured of a guaranteed vegan-friendly experience. Each condom is tested against the existing FDA standards, and has passed both reliability and safety measures with flying colors. The extra large condom size from Sir Richard’s is sized at 2.2 inches x 7.28 inches, with its thickness measuring at 0.003 inches or 0.084 mm.

But what’s more interesting about this condom is its Buy One, Give One sales policy. That means for every condom you buy, another one is donated to a developing country that is in need of condoms, but doesn’t have the easiest access to them. Sir Richard condoms are available at most stores, including online retailers.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Sir Richard’s
Size: Large
Width: 2.2″ (56mm)
Length: 7.09″ (180mm)

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