Sagami Xtreme Cola

For a limited time only, The Samson Store is hosting a special discount offer to anyone who purchases Sagami Xtreme Cola condoms. Crafted with precision and quality Sagami Xtreme Cola condoms ensure that their user remains safe and protected while still experiencing maximum pleasure. These condoms are uniquely designed to emit a cola fragrance that helps to relax the atmosphere and provide a new experience. The condoms integrate this scent into their lubricant to provide a unique environment. Sagami Xtreme Cola condoms are sold in a 10 pack and are typically delivered to the customer within a single business day.

In addition to their incredibly safety, high quality, and unique cola fragrance; Sagami Xtreme Cola condoms are being offered at a discount to anyone who buys them through the Samson Store. Currently customers can purchase a 10 pack of these condoms for only $9.07. This offer costs the buyer less than one dollar per condom. Combined with the fast shipping and high quality of Sagami Xtreme Cola condoms, this offer is great for anyone looking to experiment with these unique Cola flavored condoms. With their special design and exquisite protection, Sagami Xtreme Cola condoms are a great choice for staying safe.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Sagami
Size: Regular
Width: 2.05″ (52mm)
Length: 7.48″ (190mm)

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