ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms

ONE Pleasure Plus Condom is developed scientifically to provide more pleasure with its roomy stimulating pouch and ultrafine internal ribs. The pouch will move back and forth during sex to provide gently stimulation for both partners. This action of the pouch generates sensational feeling of sexual intercourse without a condom.
The unique Pleasure Plus seems to be a huge hit as frequent condom users are choosing it over the other condoms. This remarkable condom has a worldwide patent and can be found in many unique designs and an assortment of packages.

Features of ONE Pleasure Plus Condom:

  • Specifically designed with a unique design and shape to improve sensation
  • Enhancing pleasure pouch at the tip with very fine internal ribs to improve stimulation
  • Premium silicone lubricant to provide gliding comfort
  • Reservoir tip to offer maximum protection
  • Intended to protect against pregnancy, AIDs/HIV and other STIs
  • Each condom is fully tested electronically to ensure reliability

ONE Pleasure Plus Condom will provide a looser fit that allows the nerve endings to stay receptive. Women and men loves the extra sensation that this unique condom offers with its loose pouch that is designed to enhance pleasure internally and externally.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Pleasure Shaped
Brand: One
Size: Regular
Width at Base: 52 mm
Width at Head: 70 mm
Width at Middle: 52 mm
Average Length: 190 mm

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