Okamoto Beyond Seven Aloe Condom

Okamoto Beyond Seven Aloe condom products are made with an ultra-thin latex material that is called Sheerlon. This is an advanced material that is extremely durable and strong, yet can be made a lot thinner than the regular latex rubber condoms. Sheerlon feels like the skin as it is silkier and offers a more natural feel. These condoms have four times the amount of lubricant that is used in the regular condoms. The natural aloe extract in the condoms also deliver the smoothest feel and optimal comfort for females.

The aloe-enriched Beyond Seven are made by Okamoto condom manufacturer, the same maker of the Crown condoms. These aloe lubricated condoms are not only made to offer ultimate comfort, as the natural gel can also help to prevent irritation, discomfort, itching and pain. The aloe ingredient is naturally soothing as well.


  • Heavy aloe lubricant for a more pleasurable and stimulating experience as well as ultimate comfort.
  • Four times more lubrication than other popular condoms.
  • Sheerlon Latex, durable and strong.
  • Reservoir tipped and green tinted without contour.
  • Each condom is tested individually with accurate electrostatic technology to enhance dependability.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Okamoto Beyond Seven
Size: Small Size
Width: 2″ (51mm)
Length: 7.09″ (180mm)

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