Lifestyle Skyn Non-Latex Condom

Are you allergic to latex? Then you are going to need condoms that are made of entirely different material. Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condom provides you with such an option for it is the first polyisoprene condom sold in the US. Lifestyles Skyn is clinically tested and is duly approved to provide the men that develop an allergic reaction to latex a good option.

The polyisoprene used in this condom is flexible and soft, providing the most ergonomic fit. And as a result, more pleasure is felt and less sensation is lost. This variant is indeed the best alternative to latex condoms in the market.

Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condom is odor-free and comes in a natural color. Using this condom would feel like no other as it strives to provide the most natural feel to both partners. Polyisoprene is flexible enough. It is also very smooth and comfortable to wear. Lifestyles Skyn Non-Latex Condom also comes with a lubricant that will last long enough throughout the act. For increased pleasure, be sure to try Lifestyle Skyn. And if you are allergic to latex, this one is definitely your best choice. Try it today and feel the difference.


Buy Now Material: Polyisoprene
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Lifestyles
Size: Regular
Width: 2.1″ (53mm)
Length: 7.48″ (190mm)

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