Glyde Maxi Premium Vegan Condoms

Vegan condoms are the best things today. And the Glyde Maxi brand could be out to prove so. Glyde Maxi Premium Vegan Condoms are premium lubricated condoms made of high quality latex. But unlike regular latex condoms, these ones are certified to be ethical and vegan condoms. As a vegan condom, this brand doesn’t use animal proteins, animal by-products, or any similar ingredients during manufacture.

Glyde Maxi Premium Vegan condoms are also larger than most standard-sized condoms. It measures 2.25 inches by 8.1 inches, which guarantees larger-sized men of a generous room for any maneuver. It may also fit men of the XL size.

Glyde Maxi Premium Vegan condom comes with a lubricant and a reservoir tip. It is the best contraception tool for it keeps the user safe from sexually transmitted infections. Only high quality latex is used for this condom, assuring men of premium performance all the time.

Glyde Maxi Premium Vegan condoms are also designed tapered at its base for additional safety. The special reservoir at its tips further adds the protection men need during intimacy. Glyde Maxi is sold in a box of 12 at $14.99 each. Glyde Maxi Premium Vegan condoms are tagged as lubricated, stronger, sheer, and ultra-sensitive condoms.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Glyde
Size: Large
Width: 2.25″ (56mm)
Length: 8.1″ (205mm)

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