Caution Wear Grande Lubricated

Caution Wear Grande Lubricated Condoms are designed slightly wider than the average types with parallel sides to provide a more consistent fit. These are ideal for persons who are looking for large, high-quality condoms at a good price.
The Caution Wear brand is known for producing quality male latex condoms in many different styles, including textured and classic smooth varieties. All the condoms have latex that is almost transparent, reservoir tip and ultra-smooth silicone lubricant. They are also tested electronically for reliability. Caution Wear uses advanced technology as well to manufacture condoms which are approved by the FDA for complying with both the international and domestic standards. Users are also sure of protection because the latex condoms are made with water-based lubricants.
Product Features:

  • Made with silicon-based, ultra smooth lubricant
  • Clear latex – N-9 Free
  • Tested 100% electronically
  • Reservoir tip

Do you research to find the Caution Wear Grande Lubricated condoms if you are looking for a large size that fits well. These condoms can be found easily in many online stores today. The Grande Lubricated condoms from Caution Wear are new and highly exciting varieties that will help to keep you safe and well-protected during sex while enhancing your overall pleasure.


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Material: Latex
Lubrication: Yes
Reservoir Tip: Yes
Shape: Straight
Brand: Caution Wear
Size: Large
Width: 2.2″ (56mm)
Length: 7.09″ (180mm)

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