Japanese Condom Ice Cream

Do want to know how a Japanese condom ice cream tastes like? Well, you might have to go to Japan to try it. This product is definitely available only in Japan. It’s a very interesting ice cream indeed and it can be bought at almost any grocery store.

The ice cream is actually labeled as Egg Ice Cream although it resembles more a condom than an egg. It’s a white ice cream enclosed in a rubber tube complete with a tip that looks like a condom reservoir. Reading the instructions on the label, one has to cut out that tip in order to open the package and enjoy the product. But don’t be too over eager doing this. Continue reading on the instructions and follow them carefully.

With the protective rubber tube where the ice cream is housed looking more like a condom than an egg, it definitely is the perfect party favor for bachelor parties, bridal showers, and the likes. This condom ice cream is fun to eat, although it can get a little messy.

Once you cut the reservoir tip open, the ice cream will freely come out on its own, even if you don’t push it out. So you have to cut and suck immediately, or all its contents will flow into the floor and into everything else, leaving you with a big mess. The plastic capsule where the ice cream is placed tends to shrink once you cut out the tip. This is why the ice cream starts pouring out at will.

Some people say that it is not the ice cream that you can eat outside. That maybe so if you’re too conservative. But once you know how the ice cream inside the tube behaves, you can practically prepare yourself for the product’s fountain full of surprises. If you’re in Japan right now, you better try it. And don’t ever leave without bringing some of it back home for all your friends to see. Definitely a fun surprise.

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