Different Condom Materials

Condoms may all look the same, but they are all not made the same way. The material that a condom is made of may vary greatly. And this has got to do with the constant research made by manufacturers to come up with the best condom that men can buy.
To give you more details of what condoms are made of, here is a short description of three of the most common kinds:

1. Latex Condoms

The first and most common condom material is latex. It is what most manufacturers use when creating condoms because it is cheap yet very strong. Latex can be made very thin and stretched really long without breaking. The durability and elasticity of latex are what makes it the best material for condoms. However, a lot of people get allergic to latex that is why different kinds of condoms came about.

2. Polyurethane Condoms

Polyurethane is the next popular type of condom, sitting next to latex in ranking. It is currently the best alternative to latex. Polyurethane is synthetic latex. It is created inside a lab setting to have the same natural properties of latex but minus the proteins that may cause allergies. In essence, you’re getting the same latex protection minus the allergic reaction. When it comes to price though, polyurethane condoms tend to be more expensive.

3. Lambskin

Do you know that there are condoms that are derived from the intestines of lambs? As a matter of fact, this is the first type of condom known to man. It was around and was used even before the latex condom came to be. Lambskin is still a popular condom material because it transmits warmth and feels very natural. It is the closest that you can get to feel like wearing no condom at all. However, this kind of condom material is not effective against sexually transmitted infections, making it the least popular among the three choices.

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