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Many people fail to realize that oral sex is just as dangerous as ‘normal sex’ when it comes to the transmission of sexual diseases. As a result, they fail to use the right protection. If you are unsure of your partner’s sexual history, it is important that you use condoms during oral sex, and the best option you have are flavored condoms.

As you can probably guess, the taste of latex is quite hideous, and perhaps this is one of the main reasons as to why people do not use condoms during oral sex. Flavored Condoms offer a better alternative though. As you can probably guess, these condoms have flavor, which ensures that oral sex remains pleasurable for whoever is giving it.

Lifestyles Luscious Flavors

Trustex Assorted Flavors Non-Lubricated
Variety Colors and Flavors Variety Pack
Durex Tropical Flavors

Many people quite right ask what are the best flavored condoms on the market. After all, there are a lot out there. The answer to this question is ‘whatever you prefer’. Some people may prefer one brand, another person may prefer another. It all comes down to ‘taste’ (quite literally). Remember, in most cases the flavoring is done by a chemical, and thus it will have a different taste from company to company. There are a few naturally flavored condoms out there on the market, but they are few and far between. In my opinion, for the best flavored condoms, you should opt for the ‘tried and tested’ big brands on the market, you won’t go far wrong.

One word of warning, if you are searching for the best flavored condoms then you want to be sure that the ones you are purchasing do not say ‘not for novelty use’ as these will have not been rated from protection from STDs, and thus they should be avoided!

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