The Best Choices for Spermicide Condoms

Spermicides are chemicals that can kill or damage sperm cells. Oftentimes, they are added to condoms to serve as lubricants and to provide an added layer of protection. When they do, you can be very well sure that the condom offers 99.99% guaranteed protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. The only requirement is that the product is used in the right way at all times.
There are different spermicide condoms available in the market today and when it comes to protection, they are your best choices. The best ones to look for are:

trojan ultra thin sperimicidal1. Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicidal Condom

This condom is also the thinnest one available in the Trojan line. It contains active spermicides that can provide that extra security layer so no accidents or unwanted pregnancies will occur. The product is made out of high quality latex, has a reservoir end, and is electronically tested.

2. LifeStyles Ultra Lubricated Spermicidal
lifestyles spermicidal
More than just added sensation, this LifeStyles condom brand uses a special lubricant that can kill the sperms that had somehow penetrated through the condom. This one is made of latex but has very low latex scent and comes in a natural color.
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3. Trojan Her Pleasure Spermicidal Lubricated

Trojan HerPleasure SpermicidalThis condom is one of the best in its league as it contains the Non-oxynol 9 chemical that effectively kills sperms on contact. Trojan Her Pleasure adds spermicide in the condom to act as a lubricant and for added protection, all without losing the all-important requirement of optimum sensitivity.

4. Okamoto Beyond Seven Plus Spermicidal

This Okamoto brand is one of the more recent releases from this Japanese condom manufacturer. The Okamoto condom with spermicide is made with Sheerlon, is adequately ribbed, and measures 54mm x 185 mm. This particular one is made in Japan and passes a very precise electrostatic testing technology.

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